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Here we serve delicious & fresh Mexican food at affordable prices. We are extremely helpful as well as prompt to make your dining experience special. We serve burritos, tacos, combination plates, seafood, tortas and so much more. Come and visit, we are waiting for you! Located at 3100 E 8th St Ste A

National City, CA 91950


"Ok, I'm just going to say it, BEST FISH TACOS IN NATIONAL CITY!!

Oh my COD (or pollock I guess would be more accurate), where do I begin? Recently I've been stuffing my face before my zumba class (a trend I admit, I'm not particularly proud of) and today was no different. I decided to give La Lomita a try after seeing their flier in my school's copyroom. It doesn't hurt that it is literally down the street from where I work.

99 cent fish tacos everyday. WHAT! No minimum charge to use credit card. WHAT! Fresh tomatilllo salsa. WHAT! Free Mexican carrots and chips. WHAT!!! Just stop La Lomita, please just stop. You can't win my foodie heart over anymore than you already have."

Karen L.
San Diego, CA

"National City has plenty of taco shops so what's one more? Well, this particular shop has gone through a ton of management changes in the past decade or so, and I think they've actually figured it out this time.  Anyone who's come here in the past will definitely be able to tell you that there's a big difference in between the old shops and this one. "

Maxine R.
San Diego, CA

"I don't post on yelp but have to jump on to give this place some love. Many taco shops have come and gone from this location, so I'm hoping it stays open. This is one of the best taco shops I've been to.

The quality for the price is outstanding here. I've tried 5 different items on the menu; all of them were very good. Breakfast burrito #1 is the best breakfast burrito in town"

Rocky P.
San Diego, CA

LOCATION: 3100 E 8th St Ste A National City, CA 91950

PHONE:  (619) 470-4564

HOURS:  Mon to Thu & Sunday: 8am to 10pm  |  Fri & Sat:  8am to 11pm